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more about ME

I believe that making small shifts in our thinking leads to radical increases in our joy and happiness.

more about ME

It's possible to have an extraordinary life.  

I looked for a long time before I figured out how to have one.  After years of constant inquisition as to what makes me feel good, I now know what's important for me and what's needed, even for those times when I get off track.  And I do get off track.  It comes with the great privilege of being human.

For a good part of my life, I struggled with low self esteem and self image, weight issues and relationships.  Although these core issues re-visit me in my adult life from time to time, they no longer define me.  I learned that I could choose to define myself and I choose to come from a place of love and compassion and understanding for others and myself.

I was raised in Southern California and enjoyed the benefits of having three siblings and interested parents.  My parents passed away within two years of one another and their illnesses and subsequent loss was an uncomfortable teacher for me.  I was challenged to look at what I valued and what was truly important to me.  At that time, I was living in New York City, miles away from my parents and fully enjoying all that New York had to offer alongside my lover, best friend and business partner.

To my surprise, I discovered I was living with a big silent "Should."  I should be happy. After all, I was living a life I had long dreamed of having.  But my inner life was in turmoil.  Soon after my dad passed, I returned to Los Angeles to spend time with my mother and to finally figure out how to fill that great big hole in my heart.  


With the help of some loving and talented professionals, I did fill that hole and it soon became clear to me that I was ready to fulfill a long-time secret dream to become a life coach.  With a commitment to action, I completed my certification, started my business and grew more in love with my life than I ever thought possible.

My job, and privilege, is to help clients who have an interest in understanding themselves more deeply, desire change, are ready for the challenge of personal growth and want to create more joy within their workplace, relationships, health and general quality of life. 

Your job is to show up for yourself. 


We all deserve the joy of an extraordinary life.

  • Certification, Martha Beck Institute for Coaching

  • BS, Business Administration, Chico State University

  • Active Member, The Coaches Guild 

  • Board Member, South Bay Business Women's Association 

  • Featured Speaker and Seminar Leader as Life Coach 

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