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Goodbye, Self-Rejection!

I wrote this in 2011 after a couple of tough years of healing and learning to fill the hole in my heart. Never thought I'd share this but it cracks me up and I hope it gives you a smile too! Welcome to your blog post. Use this space to connect with your readers and potential customers in a way that’s current and interesting. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more. Design with Ease “Do you have a design in min

Walk With Me

Welcome to my blog... Design with Ease “Do you have a design in mind for your blog? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more editorial style blog - there’s a stunning layout for everyone.” Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers will be able to easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. With the Wix, building your online community has

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