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success STORIES 

Many of us have misunderstandings about our lives. I've shown several clients how to navigate their internal dialogue and arrive at resolution.

  • In helping a client to define her professional goals, she was able to identify the requirements she needed to be successful and as a result created a more positive work experience.

  • With diligent work together, a client soon began his healing process after a significant relationship ended.  As a result, he found the freedom and desire to start dating again. 

  • I guided a client into fully understanding the commitment she needed, and desired, to launch her start-up business. 

  • Having an outdated self image, my client came to understand how it was holding her back and this allowed her to discard her old beliefs and welcome the individual she has become.   

  • I taught a client the importance of looking for self-validation inside of herself.  As a result, she learned how to acknowledge herself and not wait for her family and friends to approve of actions.

  • With a fresh way to look at things, I helped a client make emotional adjustments to free up time to enjoy his life after working hard to build a successful business.

words from CLIENTS 

  • I am so grateful to have Ann's support in my life!  The way she works with me allows me to be comfortable and say anything without fear of judgment.  No matter what I'm facing, she always shows me a way through the situation so I don't stay stuck in my stuff.  She has become an essential part of my support system which is truly a blessing.
    ~Jan Bergman, Broken Bow, NE


  • I was totally blown away by Ann’s insight and listening skills.  A relationship that I thought would last a lifetime had just ended.  After talking with Ann, I felt a huge relief, like a weight was removed from my person, and I was able to jump start my healing process.  The biggest gain was to see and discover aspects of ME that I otherwise would NEVER have seen on my own. I would have repeated the same patterns. These past patterns and beliefs are now out in the open for change and healing and I have a fresh outlook on life that is enormously optimistic.  Ann, your work and insightful words brought freedom and new life to me. You clearly are chosen to be a healing balm to those that come to you.  
    ~Steve Carruth, Fair Oaks, CA


  • Ann was a lifesaver for me. She helped me make one of the biggest decisions of my life. She did not sway me one way or another, instead, she helped me listen to my own body & mind. It is a technique I’m still using & that decision was one of the best I’ve ever made. I’m in an amazing place in my life right now. I credit a huge part of that to Ann. I can’t express my gratitude or my awe for what she does. I only know that without her in my life, I would be missing someone incredibly important. Ann, thank you!
    ~Wendy Bowers, RN, Camarillo, CA

  • I was interested in defining my professional goals when I contacted Ann to coach me. Through her style methods, Ann has guided me to not only identify the requirements I need for a successful job environment but she has also set me on track to action. Her ability to select the most effective exercise based on our discussions each session has given me new understandings and implementation skills designed to align myself more fully with my goals.  I feel an added bonus came to me when Ann’s choice to do a dream analysis on a dream I thought was small and inconsequential yielded incredible insight into what I desire overall in life.  I highly recommend Ann for any coaching needs you might have, as I think you will receive far more than you ever expected!  Thank you Ann.  
    ~LL, California Central Coast

  • Ann has helped me so much over the last year.  Her calm presence, her excellent coaching skills, her heart, and her humor, all served to support me in finding my way after a crippling end to my marriage.  She helped me to navigate the waters of the healing process, re-boot my life, and then launch my new career.  She is an inspiring coach, whom I would recommend without reservation.  Thank you, Ann, for your intelligence, compassion, and deep insights.  You helped me change my life.  
    ~Eleni, Nevada City, CA


  • I could never say enough good things about working with Ann.  Everyone should be so lucky as to have someone like her in their life, someone who can ask the tough questions with boundless compassion; listen without judgment; guide without leading. There have been so many times that I’ve said to her “I just have this one small problem I want to discuss,” and after a little of her gentle probing, it becomes clear that there’s nothing small about it.  The best part is, every time Ann has caught some “small” problem and encouraged me to bring the real issue to light, the simple act of recognizing it and being able to explore it with a compassionate and wise companion is enough to turn what felt like a mountain into a wisp of smoke. It is magical, healing, profound… and a whole lot of fun!  
    ~Jennifer W., La Quinta, California


  • I had been talking with a very close friend about how indecisive I felt on some areas of my life that had been troubling me for some years.  She suggested I talk to a life coach and got me in contact with Ann, who I had the pleasure and honor of working with. I instantly felt comfortable with her and felt a trust and professionalism. Ann was able to help me understand signs my body was giving me that I had been ignoring. We went through exercises and practiced some new tools that I am still using 6 months later and that have given me confidence, patience, and understanding of my own feelings. I have a greater understanding of who I am today after working with her and would suggest to anyone who wants to grow and alleviate self -induced stress to work with her. Thank you again Ann!!!
    ~Doreen, Anaheim, California​​

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